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I create a Mac document based project. After I load a file in a window, I want to clear the content by click the "close" menu item, and not close the window. Then I can load other document in the same window.

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You are not very specific so it is difficult to give specific advise.

In general if I were doing this I would redirect the 'Close' and 'Open' menu items in the MainMenu.xib file to my own custom IBAction methods. These custom methods would then alter any data and operate on the window and it's views.

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What you are trying to do is counter-intuitive for the user who would expect Close to close the window (possibly asking if they want to save the content first).

I think you just need some sort of Clear action (menu item, toolbar button and key binding) which makes the feature far more obvious and will allow your App to conform to Apple's Human Interface Guidelines.

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