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My application runs absolutely fine on the Android Emulator but when I install the apk file in the tablet device and install it and then run it, the application crashes, giving an error message that The application(process.my.package.name) has stopped.

LogCat says that isEmpty() on String is not defined (but it shows no error during compilation).

My minSdk version in the manifest file is 8 but my application is 4.0.3 and my application runs absolutely fine on the Emulator. It crashes only on the device. I am totally clueless as what could the reason possibly be as it works perfectly fine on the emulator.

Any suggestions/ideas would be really helpful.

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what error description you get in your log cat –  vipin Jun 26 '12 at 9:11
give more info on what your app deals with and what you r doing in the main page of the app. –  Jeris Jun 26 '12 at 9:11
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Use logcat to extract information.

Usual differences between device and emulator include:

  • GPS position
  • network availability and latency
  • availability of "extended storage" (some tablets only have internal memory, no extended one)

G'd luck with the bug hunt

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You should try to check out the configuration that you have done in the emulator... specially in manifest file.HTH

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