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What is the cleanest, most readable way to String.Format a decimal with the following criteria

  • start with a sign symbol (+ or -)
  • a fixed number of fraction digits
  • no decimal separator
  • right aligned
  • pre-padded with "0"'s

For example

  • 123,45 would become "+0012345"
  • -1123,45 would become "-0112345"
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You almost certainly want a Custom numeric format string to pass to the String.Format method.

The custom format string can contain 2 sections (first for positive, second for negative formatting) for which you can supply the literal + or -. So to format with 7 characters zero padded this is something like:


However, this will truncate a decimal, and so your input gives

123.45 --> +0000123
-1123.45 --> -0001123

One simple solution is just multiply your number by 100 (to fix the number of decimal digits to 2) before passing it to the above

Live example: (C# - sorry, but only demo's the idea)

This could then be wrapped up into an extension method:

Public Function ToFixedFormat(ByVal value As Decimal, ByVal numFractionalDigits As Integer)
    Return String.Format("{0:'+'0000000;'-'0000000}",value * Math.Pow(10,numFractionalDigits))
End Function

Live example: (VB.NET)

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Don't worry, I'm fluent in C# too ;) Multiplying: simple and brilliant :) – Boris Callens Jun 26 '12 at 11:07
@BorisCallens - I thought C# would be ok, but we should always strive to provide code examples in the tagged language of choice. The fixed number of digits was the only part String.Format cant do (not without a decimal separator anyway) So your 2 choices are replace the decimal place (as per @Tim's answer) or multiply by the nth power of 10 (as per my answer). – Jamiec Jun 26 '12 at 11:15

Maybe there's something better because it looks a bit clumsy, but it works.

I specify the positive and negative format to enforce the plus-sign for positive numbers and a fixed size string. Then i use the InvariantCulture to enforce the point as decimal separator (i could have used other cultures too). The last step is to remove the point.

Dim value = -1123.45
Dim formatted = value.ToString(
formatted = formatted.Replace(".", "")

As you can see i don't know how to specify no decimal separator.

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