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I'm using Google Maps API to visualize some label on the map using google.maps.Polygon. I used this converter to convert them in a GeoJSon format, but latitude and longitude coordinates where mistaken.

They should be centered in Florence, Italy, but actually i get this:


I tried tho divide them by 10000 and i got:


wich alow me to show some results, but that was not the results I was looking for (I get them displayed in Austria instead of Florence)

Surfing the net I found this!topic/d3-js/H0zE7slqV0g that describe my problem and find a solution using d3.

Is there any way to do that just with google maps API and/or using some conversion?


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Ok seems that I found what the problem is. There are many different way to locate a point in a map. Google Maps uses a WGS84 encoding, but i got the data in EPSG:3003 encoding. So they didn't match.

I was able to find a js library that makes all the conversion you need.

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