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I have a custom meta box called 'list-two' (using Advanced Custom Fields) and I'd like to use the 'more' tag within the editing pane to split the text/content into two columns. This is my code so far but only does half of what I need it to do:

In my functions.php file:

function split_morecontent() {
global $morecontent;
$morecontent = true;
$copy = preg_split('/<span id="more-\d+"><\/span>/i', get_field('list_two'));
for($c = 0, $csize = count($copy); $c < $csize; $c++) {
    $copy[$c] = apply_filters('list_two', $copy[$c]);
return $copy;

In my post template file:

 // split text into array
    $copy = split_morecontent();
 // output first content section in column1
echo '<section class="split">', array_shift($copy), '</section>';
 // output remaining content sections in column2
echo '<section class="split">', implode($copy), '</section>';

Outputs the following HTML when run (notice its not actually splitting the content into the two tags):

<section class="split">
  <ul class="footnote">
     <li>Christopher Gray</li>
     <li>Jean Jullien<!--more--></li>
     <li>Nous Vous</li>
     <li>Liv Bargman</li>
     <li>Luke Drozd</li>

<section class="split">
     <!-- the last 3 <li> tags from the list above should be displayed within here.-->
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There's an article over at SitePoint that seems like it may help you out. Check out How to Split WordPress Content Into Two or More Columns. Basically, it tells you to do the following:

Add to your functions.php:

// split content at the more tag and return an array
function split_content() {
    global $more;
    $more = true;
    $content = preg_split('/<span id="more-\d+"><\/span>/i', get_the_content('more'));
    for($c = 0, $csize = count($content); $c < $csize; $c++) {
        $content[$c] = apply_filters('the_content', $content[$c]);
    return $content;

Wherever you want this division to occur (I am assuming single.php by default for most themes) you'll need to replace the_content() call with your newly created split_content(), like so:

    // original content display
        // the_content();
    // split content into array
        $content = split_content();
    // output first content section in column1
        echo '<div id="column1">', array_shift($content), '</div>';
    // output remaining content sections in column2
        echo '<div id="column2">', implode($content), '</div>';

You now have the content split into two separate divs. Just give them each a width and apply a float to them, and you will your content separated into two columns using the <!--more--> tag.

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Yeah thats the code I'm trying to edit. Basically the code from Sitepoint will only split the_content. I'm trying to adapt it to split another WYSIWYG content box (that i've called list_two) but can't get it to work. So I need SitePoint's code to work with an additional WYSIWYG editor on the post editing page. Any ideas how I may do that? – egr103 Jun 27 '12 at 7:34

Another easy way to do it is via jQuery. It's quite simple. Use this: Columnizer jQuery Plugin

it works something like this:

$('.post-content').columnize({ columns: 2 });

And in your loop just place the_content() inside the div post-content

<div class="post-content">
  <?php the_content() ?>

Hope that's helpful for someone else ;)

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