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I have two list:

list_a = [<User: x>, <User: y>]
list_b = [False, True]

I want to create a dictionary by merging it. I did by the following code:

 details = dict(zip(list_a,list_b))

But i am not able solve the issue how to get the value in a template.

In my template code:

{% for x in details %}
   {{  }}
   {{  }}
{ % endfor %}

I have these two vacant tag in template. I want to put it as follow:

for the first iteration,

{{ x }}
{{ False}}

for second iteration,

 {{ y }}
 {{ True}}

..and so on

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can you please post better example for list_a .... post sample data please instead of pseudocode – Maria Zverina Jun 26 '12 at 10:45
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{% for key, value in details.iteritems %}
    {{ key }}
    {{ value }}
{ % endfor %}
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