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I am working on files in drupal. i use local wamp server with drupal6.
my drupal path is localhost/drupal6 .i have a file in this path <drupal root >\files\images\111.jpg .


I want copy(or move) this file to another sub folder in this path but give me error in php copy($image,'anotherdestination') or drupal_copy($image,'anotherdestination',FILE_EXISTS_RENAME).

when i use var_dump(file_check_path($image)); it return me false . the files and iamges folder have all permission for any user in windows. where is the problem?

notice: i wrote all of this code in a function in a custom module with path sites/all/module/mymodule/mymodule.module

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i also use var_dump($image); var_dump((file_create_path($image))); var_dump((file_check_location($image))); but all of them return false or 0 :( –  zhilevan Jun 26 '12 at 11:57

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There's a difference between how files are accessed over HTTP and via the file system. Over web /drupal6/files/images/111.jpg is perfectly fine, since it'll be evaluated as http://example.com/drupal6/files/images/111.jpg. But I bet you do not have a drupal6 directory in the root of your file system.

You probably want something like this.

copy('c:\drupal6\files\images\111.jpg', 'c:\drupal6\files\other_images\111.jpg');

I'm not entirely sure about paths in Windows but I think that should be correct.

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tnx for your answer.you right about difference between file accessing over HTTP and via the file system..but don't forget this website in future will upload to linux based server.i myself find out a solution for my problem yesterday.however tnx for your answer. –  zhilevan Jun 27 '12 at 11:04
I should have mentioned it was meant to illustrate the difference. In your code you probably want to use DRUPAL_ROOT or the D6 equivalent. Thanks for the upvote! –  Tobias Sjösten Jun 27 '12 at 13:06

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