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Given I have table with some data... I have a query which is used to retrieve a data with complex case clause...

 SELECT row_number() over (...) as num, ... as field 1, 
    case ... as field2 
    FROM ...

Now I would like to add more complex logic, like

 SELECT row_number() over (...) as num, ... as field 1, 
    field2 * num as field2 
    FROM ...

Basically, if I type row_num + 1 as field2 Postgres returns me

ERROR: column "row_num" does not exist

How I can reference on field of query inside this query?

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make a outer table and select field 2 in that table

Select *, num+1 as field2
   SELECT row_number() over (...) as num, ... as field1 FROM ...
) t
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SELECT row_number() over (...) as num,
       1 + row_number() over (...) as field2,
       ... as field3,
  FROM ...
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