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Class A {

    @CustomAnnotation(attrib1 = "foo"; attrib2 = "moo"; attrib3 = "poo") 
    void methodA(){ }

    @CustomAnnotation(attrib1 = "blahblah"; attrib2 = "flahflah"; attrib3 = "klahklah") 
    void methodB(){ }

    @CustomAnnotation(attrib1 = "foo"; attrib2 = "flahflah"; attrib3 = "poo") 
    void methodC(){ }

Now, using reflection, my annotation processing class will return me a SET/LIST of methods which match my criteria (say,attrib1="foo") - Method A and method C will satisfy. Now I need to add these to a test suite at runtime and run that.

How can I add them to the test suite?

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Maybe there's a feature in JUnit, which does what you want:… – Stefan Birkner Jun 26 '12 at 12:01

Have a look at org.junit.runner.JUnitCore. You should be able to specify the set of tests to run (methods that have to be executed as tests) using org.junit.runner.Request:

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