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I'm using nginx and its map module (http://wiki.nginx.org/HttpMapModule) to create rewrites depending on $args value. My config looks like the following:

map $args $myvar {
    default 0;
    include /path/to/file.conf;

file.conf has something like:

foo=1 /url1;
foo=2 /url2;
foo=n /urln;

afterwards I'm using $myvar for redirects like this

location = /somepage.html {
    if ($myvar !~ 0) {
        rewrite ^ $myvar? permanent;
    rewrite ^ /mydefaultpage/? permanent;

The question is: can I use regex inside my file.conf, which I include inside my map directive? So I could write something like

~^foo=1(&<suffix>.*)$ /url1?$suffix;

and thus preserve all other args when redirecting to /url1.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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You can't use /url1?$suffix in the second argument. It must either be variable or static string.

Try this:

map $arg_foo $redirect_to {
    default /mydefaultpage/;
    include /path/to/file.conf;

location = /somepage.html {

    set $redirect_args $args;

    if ($args ~ "^(?:(.+)&)?foo=[^&]*(?:&(.+))?$") {
        set $redirect_args $1&$2;

    return 301 $redirect_to?$redirect_args;
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