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I'm using as400 db2 and trying to excute in JPQL a query that will return results from row x to row y.

in sql this is my code (and it works good):

select cur.* from (SELECT ROW_NUMBER() OVER() AS ROWNUM FROM tableName d) as cur  WHERE cur.ROWNUM > 0 AND cur.ROWNUM < 10

how can I change this sql query to be in JPQL ? I tried it in many ways but every time i got an exception.

what is the right way to do this? I want to limit my result from the sql query, and not by using the setMaxResult, setFirstResult methods.

Any help will be appritiates,

Thank's In Advance.

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That cannot be done. JPQL operates to entities and entities are mapped to tables in database. Row number in db2 is concept in result set, not in database table.

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Query q = em.createQuery("select e from SomeEntity e")
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