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I make my own package (called 'export_excel') this package have a procedure (called get_excel)

and the idea of code from


this is some of my code

CREATE OR REPLACE procedure get_excel is

CURSOR select_tbl is SELECT * FROM my_table;

wfile_handle utl_file.file_type;
v_wstring varchar2 (100);
v_header varchar2(100);
v_file varchar2(100);


v_header :='My Header'; 
v_file := 'my_file_name.xls';
wfile_handle := utl_file.fopen ('MY_PATH',v_file, 'W');


for i in select_tbl loop

    v_wstring := i.col1 ||','||i.col2||','||i.col3||;


end loop;

utl_file.fclose (wfile_handle);

end print_reports;

This code is work for me but when I open 'my_file_name.xls' with MS-Excel the message dialog show me about 'it's mismatch file type' and when i save my file with text editor it provide the default type as xml and when I open my file with text editor i seen the code as xml format.

but if i save my file from MS-Excel I will see a lot of hex number and file size is smaller than my file.

sorry for my language

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If I am understanding your question correctly, there are two possible routes for you to take and both of them involve spooling. The first option is spooling to a .csv file which excel can interpret. This is accomplished in the following way.:

set colsep ,
set underline off
set trimspool on
spool /path/to/file/query.csv

FROM table
WHERE table.field = 'value';

spool off

The second method provides some basic formatting to excel. This is accomplished by turning on html markup:

set markup html on
set underline off
set trimspool on
spool /path/to/file/query.xls

FROM table
WHERE table.field = 'value';

spool off
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thank for mrcardoor :) –  user1482291 Jun 26 '12 at 14:41

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