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I use Dojo Toolkit 1.7.2 from

I need to show scrollable (with help touch) content inside dialog. Also, if possible, I will need to have transition between views inside dialog like at mobile too.

What I do (simplified version of code):

var dialog = new Dialog();
var view = new ScrollableView({
    selected: true

//add some content inside view. Content heigh is greater than height of dialog.

If I do this, the dialog tries to fit the whole height of the content.

Next attempt:

var dialog = new Dialog({
    style: {
        width: 600,
        height: 400


dialog.resize({w: 600, h: 400});

Now dialog has fixed height, but inner ScrollableView instance won't scroll to bottom of its content.

When I dig into the source, I find that ScrollableView inherits from dojox/mobile/_ScrollableMixin which inherits from dojox/mobile/scrollable.

The resize() function of dojox/mobile/scrollable uses window height in order to calculate scrolling functionality.

Is there some way to have what I need without implementating my own version of ScrollableView?


var dialogRect = domGeometry.getMarginBox(dialog.domNode);
var headerRect = domGeometry.getMarginBox(dialog.titleBar);
var containerNodePaddingTop = domStyle.get(dialog.containerNode, "paddingTop");
var containerNodePaddingBottom = domStyle.get(dialog.containerNode, "paddingBottom");

var viewHeight = dialogRect.h - headerRect.h - containerNodePaddingTop - containerNodePaddingBottom;
var view = new ScrollableView({
    selected: true,
    height: viewHeight.toString() + "px"
// or
// view.set("height", viewHeight.toString() + "px");
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To Ernest Friedman-Hill: Hi. Usage of "==========" is prohibited? – kostik Jun 26 '12 at 13:27
I bet this is related:… – mschr Jun 26 '12 at 16:11
tried setting the height property to 'auto'? – mschr Jun 26 '12 at 16:12

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Fixed it this way:

var Name = 'yourdialogid';
dojo.query("#"+Name+" .dijitDialogPaneContent").forEach(function(node, index, arr){,"overflow","auto");,"height",(dojo.position(dijit.byId(Name).domNode).h-80)+"px");
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you'll need to modify 80 to match your case – simondiercks Jul 30 '12 at 9:19

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