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I want to send messages withing a windows 7 LAN using VB.NET code. The problem is that the msg.exe executes commands in admin mode only. Here is the code.

Shell("cmd.exe /k runas /user:farook-pc\administrator msg.exe") 'Here i'm prompted for a password.

Shell("cmd.exe /k msg.exe", 1)

I use the /k switch to see what's going on in the shell. /c is the silent switch. I do not wish to use runas neither do I wish to change privilages in msg.exe

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I hate launching other apps and trying to control them like that. If possible, I would recommend trying to mimic the functionality of msg.exe, yourself, programatically. From doing a few quick google searches, I found that the API function that msg.exe uses is apparently WTSSendMessage in Wtsapi32.dll. Here's the MSDN article on that function:


And here's a link that shows how to invoke that API function from .NET:


I've never used it before, or even heard of it before, so, unfortunately, I can't help you beyond that.

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Its possible to start the VB.NET application automatically in admin mode. That can be changed in the project-settings.

After that you can open msg.exe with the following command:


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I have changed the app.manifest file to 'requireAdministrator' but I still get the same error message. ‘msg.exe’ is not recoganized as an internal or external command… It runs well when I open a shell from within windows. VS2010 prompts me to open application in Admin mode. I shall follow Steves' links at home at night, there is a lot of reading to do. –  Farook Jun 27 '12 at 11:18

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