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I have to perform mapping between ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 and IOC country codes.

It looks like there is no way to do this natively via .NET framework. But could be that I'm missing something.

Most likely I would need to create some dictionary to perform this mapping. Does anybody know some library/open-source project/xml feed/etc where I can find this mappings handy?

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Wikipedia also provides comparison table. You can easily convert this data into whatever format you want, considering it have stable format and is easily parsed.

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I parsed wiki page and generated dictionary, which only contains data for mismatching pairs. For all other countries 3-letter code should be the same.

Here is source code (given "as-is"):

    // Defines mapping between ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 and Olympic IOC country codes
    // Only mismatches are defined
    // Taken from here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_IOC,_FIFA,_and_ISO_3166_country_codes    
    var dictionary = new Dictionary<string, string>();
    dictionary.Add("DZA", "ALG");
    dictionary.Add("ASM", "ASA");
    dictionary.Add("AGO", "ANG");
    dictionary.Add("ATG", "ANT");
    dictionary.Add("ABW", "ARU");
    dictionary.Add("BHS", "BAH");
    dictionary.Add("BHR", "BRN");
    dictionary.Add("BGD", "BAN");
    dictionary.Add("BRB", "BAR");
    dictionary.Add("BLZ", "BIZ");
    dictionary.Add("BMU", "BER");
    dictionary.Add("BTN", "BHU");
    dictionary.Add("BWA", "BOT");
    dictionary.Add("VGB", "IVB");
    dictionary.Add("BRN", "BRU");
    dictionary.Add("BGR", "BUL");
    dictionary.Add("BFA", "BUR");
    dictionary.Add("KHM", "CAM");
    dictionary.Add("CYM", "CAY");
    dictionary.Add("TCD", "CHA");
    dictionary.Add("CHL", "CHI");
    dictionary.Add("COG", "CGO");
    dictionary.Add("CRI", "CRC");
    dictionary.Add("HRV", "CRO");
    dictionary.Add("DNK", "DEN");
    dictionary.Add("SLV", "ESA");
    dictionary.Add("GNQ", "GEQ");
    dictionary.Add("FJI", "FIJ");
    dictionary.Add("GMB", "GAM");
    dictionary.Add("DEU", "GER");
    dictionary.Add("GRC", "GRE");
    dictionary.Add("GRD", "GRN");
    dictionary.Add("GTM", "GUA");
    dictionary.Add("GIN", "GUI");
    dictionary.Add("GNB", "GBS");
    dictionary.Add("HTI", "HAI");
    dictionary.Add("HND", "HON");
    dictionary.Add("IDN", "INA");
    dictionary.Add("IRN", "IRI");
    dictionary.Add("KWT", "KUW");
    dictionary.Add("LVA", "LAT");
    dictionary.Add("LBN", "LIB");
    dictionary.Add("LSO", "LES");
    dictionary.Add("LBY", "LBA");
    dictionary.Add("MDG", "MAD");
    dictionary.Add("MWI", "MAW");
    dictionary.Add("MYS", "MAS");
    dictionary.Add("MRT", "MTN");
    dictionary.Add("MUS", "MRI");
    dictionary.Add("MCO", "MON");
    dictionary.Add("MNG", "MGL");
    dictionary.Add("MMR", "MYA");
    dictionary.Add("NPL", "NEP");
    dictionary.Add("NLD", "NED");
    dictionary.Add("NIC", "NCA");
    dictionary.Add("NER", "NIG");
    dictionary.Add("NGA", "NGR");
    dictionary.Add("OMN", "OMA");
    dictionary.Add("PSE", "PLE");
    dictionary.Add("PRY", "PAR");
    dictionary.Add("PHL", "PHI");
    dictionary.Add("PRT", "POR");
    dictionary.Add("PRI", "PUR");
    dictionary.Add("KNA", "SKN");
    dictionary.Add("VCT", "VIN");
    dictionary.Add("WSM", "SAM");
    dictionary.Add("SAU", "KSA");
    dictionary.Add("SYC", "SEY");
    dictionary.Add("SGP", "SIN");
    dictionary.Add("SVN", "SLO");
    dictionary.Add("SLB", "SOL");
    dictionary.Add("ZAF", "RSA");
    dictionary.Add("LKA", "SRI");
    dictionary.Add("SDN", "SUD");
    dictionary.Add("CHE", "SUI");
    dictionary.Add("TWN", "TPE");
    dictionary.Add("TZA", "TAN");
    dictionary.Add("TGO", "TOG");
    dictionary.Add("TON", "TGA");
    dictionary.Add("TTO", "TRI");
    dictionary.Add("ARE", "UAE");
    dictionary.Add("VIR", "ISV");
    dictionary.Add("URY", "URU");
    dictionary.Add("VUT", "VAN");
    dictionary.Add("VNM", "VIE");
    dictionary.Add("ZMB", "ZAM");
    dictionary.Add("ZWE", "ZIM");
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I don't know if one exists but it wouldn't be hard to create by just parsing the tables in your two links and matching up by country name. I bet that would get you 95%, while the rest could be done manually.

I would bet you'll spend more time trying to find a pre-built one versus building it yourself.

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Could be the case :) Thanks. Anyway will wait maybe someone else already had to do this. –  Andriy Buday Jun 26 '12 at 13:48

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