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I have web application written in java using Eclipse. It has just one servlet that does some file manipulations. How do I build war file so I can easily deploy it to my remote server.

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Right-click on the project, select 'Export...', then choose web -> WAR.

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Awesome!!! It workssss... Actually Eclipse is better than Netbeans (in some ways) :D –  Maksim Jul 13 '09 at 17:32

You should be able to use Maven to package a WAR to deploy to your remote server. It looks a little daunting, but once you create your own WAR file you should be ok, check out:


In fact you should be able to manage deployment using the Maven Glassfish plugin here:


That will allow you to start,stop,deploy,undeploy etc... your web app. Example here:


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Just for the record,

  • The default build artifact for a NetBeans Web project is a war
  • The default build artifact for a simple Java project is a jar
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Yeah... That's why I love NetBeans but I have to learn and user Eclipse for work. –  Maksim Jul 13 '09 at 23:01

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