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i'm facing a strange problem with jstree plugins. I want to use custom icons but somehow icons from default theme are shown. After i refresh a webpage i can see that initialy custom icons are loaded but less than 1 sec later they are covered by default ones... In css in firebug i can see that there are three places with background-image. One with a custom icon for a type 'folder' (book_open.png), one with a custom icon for a type 'default' (stock_task.png, that possition is crossed out) and one with an icon from default theme (d.png).

If i disable themes plugin custom icons are shown but then i can't see dots and these triangles used to open/close branches.

Here you can see how i'm calling jstree (there is also ui plugin loaded, but missing in that code here): http://paste.ideaslabs.com/show/RKq76yU66q

Here you can see capture of firebug with css: http://imageshack.us/f/651/screendb.png/

And a part of tree code (sorry for formatting): paste.ideaslabs.com/show/bhbACyzN4

I'm quite sure that i'm using it in the correct way, like in demo...

thanks in advance for any help

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2 things - 1. are you sure you actually linked the images correctly? I would double check that they are actually being linked. 2 - I would, for sanity sake, change the actual CSS file as well. –  Hybride Jun 27 '12 at 18:48
Mhh... did you try without setting the "icon" option of the "theme" plugin as true, like in the demo ? –  Ricola3D Jul 4 '12 at 10:31

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