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We are using Drools Rul Engine for our Java web Application .

Writing of DRL files seems error Prone , i just wanted to know if there is any tool that automatically generates .drl files or either xml based rules ??

Thanks in advance .

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Actually I don't know any tool that does so, but it really help to install the plugins for your ide.

For example, if you're running eclipse, there is a whole suite that can syntax-check your rule files and automatically report static type checking errors when writing rules.

See the documentation here...

Since there is no real hard bound between the rule files and you classes at "pre-compile" time, this helps a lot.

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You can check the Drools Guvnor project that allows you to create rules via a GUI.

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You can also use a spreadsheet (xls-file) based decision table. This is convenient to use.

You can read more about it here:

Alternatively, you can also create rules from java code, using the "Fluent API", read here:

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