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I have a textfile, that is loaded into a swf through a flashvars:

  • The data is stored in Mysql,
  • The data is stored using coldfusion and cfquery
  • the data is read out into a textfile by coldfusion
  • the data is loaded into the swf by passing the filename to flashvars, then being read into the actionscript.

the problem is, all the text is initialized until the first


and I'm not sure how to escape this, and at what point I should.

I am storing the original text using coldfusion, and have it set the data to html edit format

#HTMLEditFormat(form.content)# />

The boy grinned as he led back to the trail.
"A big un, Granser," he chuckled

Below is the full actionscript

// This will be the starting position of the textbox

var starting_ypos:Number;

// Load the Flashvars into the script
text1.text = myVariable; = mySecondVariable;

// Make a load vars object
my_data = new LoadVars();

// This will be how fast the text box will scroll 
var scroll_speed:Number =;

// Make my on load function
my_data.onLoad = function() {

// Fix the double space issue
var my_text = unescape(this.content).split("\r\n");
my_text = my_text.join("\n");
my_text = my_text.split("\r");
my_text = my_text.join("\n");

// Set the text in the text box
scroll_text.Text = my_text;

// Set the autosize
scroll_text.autoSize = true;

// Set the starting_ypos
starting_ypos = scroll_text._y;


// Load the external text file

// Start the scrolling
this.onEnterFrame = function() {

// Check for hit test with the mask and the mouse
if(!mask_mc.hitTest(_root._xmouse, _root._ymouse)) {

    // Check to see if we are in the mask
    if(mask_mc.hitTest(scroll_text)) {

        // Move the textbox
        scroll_text._y -= scroll_speed;

    } else {

        // Reset the text box




// Simple stop command 
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When entering variables into a flash file the ampersand is used to delimit the variables, much like URL parameters.

so flash reads this:

The boy grinned as he led back to the trail. "A big un, Granser," he chuckled

as this:

var1 = The boy grinned as he led back to the trail. 
var2 = quot;A big un, Granser,
var3 = quot; he chuckled

try using URLEncodedFormat(FORM.content) so encode the vars for flash.

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