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THe Google/GWT example of creating an ImageResource is understood:

interface MyResources extends ClientBundle {
  ImageResource image();

  CssResource css();

@sprite .myImage {
  gwt-image: 'image';

I understand how to use ImageResources and apply style names, however.. .

In my application, I have multiple themes that are applied to various widgets using css and deferred binding. So I have defined a css rule ('background') that I would like to use the .myImage class, but it does not do anything:

background {
    background-attachment: fixed;
    background-image: .myImage;  //??  This is the question!
    background-size: contain

What is the syntax for using the .myImage class within the 'background' css property? It seems I should be able to specify the .myImage class as the argument for background-image.

Edit: Did some more research and found the correct syntax to do this using a DataResource.

MyClientBundle extends ClientBundle {

    //Background Image
    DataResource backgroundImage();



@url background backgroundImage;

.myPanel {
    border-radius: 0px;
    background-image: background;
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I just tested this using GWT 2.6 and you can use an ImageResource in your ClientBundle and it'll work as-well. I just figured I'd give it a try since it looks a little nicer to me. – MattWeiler Mar 25 '15 at 18:16

You can use the style like this myResources.css.myImage. I mean wherever you want to use the style in UiBinder you can use it by using the styleName property with this value.

In your case wherever you are applying the class .myPanel, you can apply the styleName='myResources.css.myImage', to apply the background image.

If you want use this in java (i.e., Without UiBinder), you can use like this

MyResources myResources = GWT.create(MyResources.class);

here widget is the object of the Widget, to which you want to apply the Background.

I recommend you to look at this Explanation, for clear understanding.

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If you add "myImage" as style name to any widget, it will set those widgets' background...

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