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i have two fields in my form that should correspond to each other.If a users enters the date of birth,in the D.O.B field,he/she must not be allowed to enter a period of residence greater than the D.O.B

my two fields in the add.ctp are as follows

echo $this->Form->input('DOB',array('label' => 'Date of birth*', 'minYear' => 1900,    'maxYear' => 2000));

echo $this->Form->input('period_of_residence', array('label' =>'Period of residence in   Zimbabwe'));

So now i don't know how i validate the two so that the user cannot enter a period of residence greater than the age.Even if it validates on submission i like it.

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You can create your own custom validation function in your model like so:

class MyModel extends AppModel {

    public $validate = array(
        'DOB' => array(
            'rule' => 'checkDOB',
            'message' => 'DOB cannot be greater than period of residence.'

    public function checkDOB($check) {
        return strtotime($check['DOB']) < strtotime($this->data['MyModel']['period_of_residence']);
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