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I have a slightly odd problem involving a MoGo mouse failing to charge when put in the cartridge slot of my Windows XP laptop. Long story, but one suggestion to fix it is to write a bespoke driver which only says "I'm functioning OK: don't turn the power off".

I'm figuring that this should be next to trivial, but my only experience of drivers is to download and install them through provided MSIs. I realised that I don't know:

  • What language they're written in.
  • What conventions they must follow.
  • How they are associated with their respective hardware.
  • Where they are located.
  • Or indeed, anything at all...

I also haven't found anything staggeringly helpful on the web - probably because they are aimed at a far higher level than I'm at.

Any insights would be welcome.

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Since there's no answer yet (but I'm sure a good one will follow ...), have a look at the Windows Driver Kit (WDK). – Gene Jun 26 '12 at 15:14
Thanks, Gene. It looks like I might have to jump in with both feet and try to make sense of the Microsoft documentation! – Mike Sadler Jun 26 '12 at 16:33

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