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I am trying to establish a SOAP connection between a client and a server.

First in the Client, I send through a .php file information with soap so I can see the request and response:

&client = new SOAPclient("http://.../service.wsdl",array('soap_version' => SOAP_1_1,'trace'=>1); 

After this I call the function &client->handle_request(&request)

So far everithing works fine.

I call the server from the wsdl file http://..../index.php?soap=on

if (soap == on)
    include server.inc
    &soapserver = new Juan_soap_server

in the server.inc I have defined the class Juan_soap_server and the function handle_request.

My problem is that the programm executes the function handle_request, does all their task but after that I get no response in my client.

I have run a simple client server test in the server and it works properly so is not a problem with the soap installation.

Do you have any clue?

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Well, (besides a slew of parse errors, I assume this is 'pseudo-code'): you don't actualy do anything with the return. What do you think it should show and why? –  Wrikken Jun 26 '12 at 22:29
Yes sorry but its Pseudo-code. I call the function handle_request($request) the $request variable is written in the client and transmitted through SOAP to the server. The server edit $request, and then I return $request in handle_request() function of the server. So the server.inc is something like that class Juan_soap_server{ public function handle_request($request){ return &request} } $server = new SOAPServer(NULL, array('uri'=>"urn:service")); $server->setClass('Juan_soap_server'); $server->handle(); –  jfdzar Jun 27 '12 at 10:25

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Per my experience, when this happened to me in the past, was that the object i was returning didn't math the structure of the type or complextype defined in the web service definition (wsdl) file.

I would recommend you to change the return type to string and just return a simple string from the server side. If this work, then younare sure that is something with the data structure that you are returning.

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