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I am using Zend_Service_ReCaptcha in a project and wish to customize the colour scheme of the box, however I am completely stumped on which function to use to achieve this. doesn't seem to shed any light.

Answers are appreciated, thanks.

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Setting this options via form element params won't work! This options (“theme” and “lang”) should be passed to the service instead!

Here's *Zend_Service_ReCaptcha* constructor:

public function __construct($publicKey = null, $privateKey = null,
                                $params = null, $options = null, $ip = null)


$options = array('theme' => 'white', 'lang' => 'ru');
$recaptcha = new Zend_Service_ReCaptcha($publicKey, $privateKey, null, $options);

$this->view->recaptcha = $recaptcha->getHtml();

Otherwise, if you wanna use form elements, you should get service object first. Try something like that:

$options = array('theme' => 'white', 'lang' => 'ru');
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You need to pass the theme option via the captcha options to the form element:

Something like:

$element = new Zend_Form_Element_Captcha('foo', array(
    'label' => "Please verify you're a human",
    'captcha' => array(
        'captcha' => 'Recaptcha',
        'timeout' => 300,
        'theme'   => 'red'
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Hi David the script is not complete in this way. You have to add the private and public key parameters. Regards –  Michelangelo Oct 8 '12 at 9:11

You get the public and private keys when you register at and set them in your form as follows $recaptcha_service = new Zend_Service_ReCaptcha($public, $private);

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