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In the console, I'm used to entering one of:

cd /vagrant/project/ && rvm passenger start -p80 -d --user vagrant -e vagrant
cd /vagrant/project/ && rvm passenger start -p80  --user vagrant -e vagrant &

And Passenger starts and gives me control again.

Now, using Vagrant, I want to make tests that will:

  1. automatically start Passenger, then
  2. do other stuffs.

But the script can't do anything else; it stays stucked in Passenger.

I'm using ssh.execute, which calls ssh.shell_execute:

shell_execute(???? , "cd /vagrant/project/ && rvmsudo passenger start -p80 -d --user vagrant -e vagrant" , false)

Does anyone have a solution? Or does anyone have an idea where this problem is coming from?

Adn the end i've found a deerty hack, which make it working:

shell_execute(???? , "cd /vagrant/project/ && rvmsudo passenger start -p80 -d --user vagrant -e vagrant </dev/null &>/dev/null" , false)

But i don't really understand. stdin was not accessible anymore in the script. I'm curious so, does anyone know where does stdin pointed?

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You can try doing it in forked process

fork {
  `your command`
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I think i've tried it, and it didn't success yesterday. And i try to Thread and so on ... – vvg Jun 27 '12 at 8:50

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