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we have multiple sites with different domain names (like example.com and example2.com). I would like to implement frictionless sharing on these multiple sites using only one application (so that people can share a common experience on these sites, and also they could share articles they read on theses sites using a single entry point which could be any of these sites).

I know that I can code this using jsonp and an iframe on a common domain name that could be deployed along these sites. The sites visitors would have to allow only once a Facebook app.

I cannot find any reference about this in the terms of use on the Facebook developers's website.

Is it against the terms of use ?

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OK I finally got someone from Facebook to answer my question.

To almost quote their answer : there are a few companies who do this already but if the policies were written, it would be forbidden.

So you can build a Facebook app on multiple sites using subdomains but you cannot deploy a Facebook application on multiple websites even if you use iframe, etc.

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