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In my application, multiple PCs will connect to the server. The server will receive the message then send to a system. The system may send a message back to the server, and this message should be sent to a PC by the server. Basically it's like this:

PC 0 --------------------> Server ----> Send PC msg to system.
System ------> Send msg to PC 0 Server ----> PC 0

The same with PC 1, 2, 3 etc...

But how can I do this? I can already get PC msg to Server and Server to System, like this:

This is running from the ServerThread:

try {

    Socket socket = serverSocket.accept();

    if (socket != null) {

        clientList.add(new ClientThread(socket));

} catch (IOException ex) {

            + ": Failed creating client socket / "
            + ex.getMessage());

But how can I know if the incoming socket is meant to send a message to the Server or the socket should send a message to the PC?

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This approach is called a proxy. In order to distinguish between clients (PCs in your question) and servers (systems) you need to keep connections that were accepted from clients, and connections initiated by you to servers separate, but cross-referenced (the easiest is one-to-one mapping). Get a message on the client connection, optionally transform/filter, send on corresponding server connection, and the other way around.

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You are basically implementing instant messaging, where your system is simply another endpoint (along with PC0 ...). Why not use something like XMPP if your server is simply being used as a message router.

You can use Smack for a client solution and any off the shelf XMPP server will easily suit your needs. If you need to customize the server you can choose one of the Java based ones like Openfire.

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