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I need to pass a variable which is captured from client side via jquery to controller, so that it can be used in the server side. After googling a bit, I found that we can pass it via an Ajax call.


get "mymethod?Id=", :to => "sample#mymethod"



var test = 1;


           url: '/mymethod?Id='+ test,
           success: function(data) {



def mymethod
 session[:Id] = params["Id"];

When I try to use session[:Id], it is always nil.

Any ideas,


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If you want to make a GET request in jquery you'd be better off doing:

    url: '/mymethod',
    success: function(data){ // anything },
    data: { Id: test }

Because it urlencode and format the parameters correctly for you.

In rails, remove the reference to the Id in routes.rb and just use the params dictionary in your controller to access the variable Id (info here:

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Thank you nick. This is what I was looking for. Now I can see the value in the session. Since I am new to rails, please dont mind if this is a silly question.. I think "GET" requires a template/view for the action.. so I just changed the ajax request to "post", and changed the routes.rb file. Now again the session is not getting updated. Do you see any catch – user1483283 Jun 27 '12 at 17:53

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