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i wan to retrieve data from query involving many tables. i have a query as follows

    String sql = "SELECT "
            + "s.Food_ID AS 'Sales_FoodID', "
            + "f.Food_Name AS 'foodName' "
            + "FROM Ordering o, Sales s, Food f"
            + " WHERE o.Table_No = " + tableNo + ""
            + " AND o.Paid = '" + NOT_PAID + "'"
            + " AND s.Order_ID = o.Order_ID"
            + " AND f.Food_ID = s.Food_ID;";
    resultSet = statement.executeQuery(sql);

no error were found when i run the program, but after i add this line to get a table's column data:

    String orderID = resultSet.getString("foodName");

i'm given this error:

    java.sql.SQLException: Column not found

anyone know why?

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set a breakpoint on String orderID = resultSet.getString("foodName"); and see what the resultSet contains. – ZnArK Jun 26 '12 at 16:13
@ZnArK This happens because ResultSet.getString(String) fetches for the column by its name and not by its alias/label. This is actually the answer for the question "anyone know why?", but since it won't solve the problem, I'll leave it as a comment. – Goodwine Aug 10 '12 at 16:51
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You have to use next() method.

You should know that ResultSet is implicitly positioned on position before first row so you need to call next to get current position and if is valid, it returns true, else returns false (cursor is positioned after the last row).

rs = statement.executeQuery(sql);
while ( {
   String orderID = rs.getString(2);

Note: You can use also rs.getString(<columnName>) but in case when you know how your statement looks i recommend to you use index instead of columnName.

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After calling the resultSet.executeQuery() you need to call the next() to pulling the records from db

after that you can call setXxx() provided by Java API

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