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I am trying to update one table from another using TSQL's UPDATE FROM clause. In doing so I receive a constraint error. Is there anyway to trap that error to determine which row is causing the problem? A TRY/CATCH just outputs the error type/message.

The table I am updating from has 400K records in it. Is there a better way to deal with this? A bulk update? TSQL to loop over the second table? (Though I'm told there are serious performance hits for the latter.)

Thank you for your time.

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----Update the table and insert values in temp table using Output clause

UPDATE TestTable SET TEXTVal = 'NewValue' OUTPUT Inserted.ID, Inserted.TEXTVal, Deleted.ID, Deleted.TEXTVal INTO @TmpTable WHERE ID IN (1,2)

then take a look in the @TmpTable,

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