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I have found several algorithms that explain how to find strongly connected components in a directed graph, but none explain why you would want to do this. What are some applications of strongly connected components?

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Like most of math, this is one of those things that look totally useless until you need them. –  trutheality Jun 26 '12 at 17:27

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You should check out Tim Roughgarden's Introduction to Algorithms course on Coursera. For every algorithm he goes over, he explains some applications of it. Very useful, and makes one see the value of studying algorithms!

The use of strongly connected components that I remember him saying is that one could use it to find groups of people who are more closely related in a huge set of data. Think of facebook and how they recommend people that might be your friends...

This could also be used to see chunks of a population. Say, "Wow, this huge component all has the hobby of walking backwards and likes eating moldy pizza!," it could show correlation. Advertisers for moldy pizza would use this data to target people who like walking backwards. Who knows!

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One example is in model checking:

Finding strongly connected component is done in explicit model checking in formal verification.

In model checking - we have a state machine, which represents the models of our software/hardware, and we try to prove temporal logic1 formulas on it.

For example: The formula EG(p) means: there is a path in the graph, where for each state - the logic formula p yields true.

The algorithm for proving if EG(p) is true on a graph (model) is finding the maximal strongly connected components (SCC), and then checking paths leading to it in the graph.

Note that model checking is applied widely in the industry - especially for proving correctness of hardware components.

(1) The importance of temporal logic to computer science is great, and its inventor Amir Pnueli recieved a turing award for it!

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