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I am a newbie at jquery. I've been researching how to set cookies for a jquery function using the cookie plugin.

I have this simple hide and show function for a div but want the class states to persist after links to other pages and refreshing.

The JS looks like this

<script type="text/javascript">


    $("h2.trigger_up").click(function() {
      if ($.cookie('more_search','1')) {
        $("#criteria").attr('class', $.cookie('more_search'));
    } else {
        $("#criteria").attr('class', 'active');
    $.cookie('more_search', $(".trigger_up").attr('class'));
            return false;




<div id="criteria">
    <div class="toggle_search">    
        <div class='left'>
            Stuff goes here
    <h2 class="trigger_up"><a href="#">See More Search Criteria</a></h2>

    <div class="clear"></div>

Any help would be greatly appreciated. !

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I appreciate the response. But I decided to go with the second option and start over. Thanks! – Lpillory Jun 27 '12 at 0:37

Check the cookie before you show or hide the div. In this snippet, the div with id="moreButton" (not an actual button) has text saying "More" or "Less" for showing and hiding the div with id="moreOptions":

$(document).ready(function() {                                                  
    if ($.cookie("show") == "show") {                                       
        $("#moreButton").html("Less «");                                
        $("#moreButton").attr("title", "Hide the extra search parameters.");
    else {                                                                  
        $("#moreButton").html("More »");                                
        $("#moreButton").attr("title", "See more search options.");     

    $("#moreButton").click(function() {                                     
        $("#moreOptions").animate({ "height": "toggle" }, { duration: 60 });
        if ($("#moreButton").html() == "More »") {                      
            $("#moreButton").html("Less «");                        
            $("#moreButton").attr("title", "Hide the extra search parameters.");
            $.cookie("show", "show", { path: '/' })                 
        else {                                                          
            $("#moreButton").html("More »");                        
            $("#moreButton").attr("title", "See more search options.");
            $.cookie("show", "", { path: '/' })                     

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Thanks a bunch! I used this and it's working. I am still looking into adding a directional icon added to teh html string. I tried a couple of things but it whacked out a little. – Lpillory Jun 27 '12 at 0:35
Sorry I closed prematurely. I am looking at to see how to add images. Is this a good place to look? Again, thanks! – Lpillory Jun 27 '12 at 0:36
@Lpillory Yes, you can set the innerHtml with that jquery method, e.g. setting it to something including an <img> tag. If you have any more questions about that, you should start a new question. – Andrew Morton Jun 27 '12 at 12:58

Have you included the reference to the jQuery-cookie library?

See the documentation found here at the plugin page it looks like you are using or trying to use,

By setting the cookie to expire in the future, it should persist until it hits the expiration date.

Ex: $.cookie('more_search', $(".trigger_up").attr('class'), { expires: 7 }); //Would expire in a week.

Also notice you have two classes when you get $(".trigger_up").attr('class') trigger_up and active (when the link is clicked for the first time), you might want to parse that the cookie value is set to "active"

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