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I usually design joomla templates for myself, but this time i want to design a "theme" for wordpress. the problem is that i cant find anything closer to "Modules" than the "Widgets" which apparently you cant install a new one, right?

so how they do it? if i want to place a slideshow in some position (using joomla), i just install a new one and place it in that position.

I assume that "sidebar" in wordpress is similar to "position" in joomla, where you can add as many sidebar as you want. but if the existed widgets do not satisfy my need, how do i get it?!

one more thing, is "plugins" in WP are exactly the same as "plugins" in Jommla?

my question/s it could be stupid, but really its my 1st day with wordpress!!

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Widgets are the closest thing that you will find to modules, although they are not identical. Where you can place widgets depends 100% on the theme. Depending upon your skill level and how comfortable you are with WordPress and PHP in general, adding widget areas is pretty easy. To add new widget areas, you can use the register_sidebar() function and dynamic_sidebar in your theme. For a more depth (allow a little older) explanation, check out this article by Justin Tadlock.

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If you are comfortable with joomla then it will not be a big deal to get adjust in wordpress. In the wordpress

Wordpress widgets are same as Joomla module and wordpress plugins are behaves like joomla plugin. You can easily use the wordpress plugins in any wordpress page or post.You can learn about widgets at http://codex.wordpress.org/WordPress_Widgets

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