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We're currently using RoboHelp 8 in a Windows 7 64-Bit environment. When we output our files to WebHelp, RoboHelp automatically creates a series of files, whlsti*.htm where * is a sequential file number. These files live in the following path: Output\Production\WebHelp\whgdata and are generated from the entries in the Topic List.

Currently, with the massive number of help documents we've got, this index lives across 13 files...whlsti0.htm though whlsti12.htm.

We are trying to capture that HTML for a separate project, but we need a single file which is, in essence, a concatenation of all 13 files into a single document. Is there a menu option somewhere that forces the output into a single file? Or am I looking at a cut-n-paste job?

Any ideas? Thanks.

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Short answer is no. Get ready to cut and paste.

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