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I have the below javascript function to go to the selected box value url.

function go(x) {
    location = x.value;

I cannot use getElementById There may be more than 1 select box as the user differs I wrote a php to print all the selectbox inside a form and div

<div class="styled-select">
    <form name="menu">
        <select id=Admission onchange=go(this)>
            <option value=/admission>Add Existing Students</option>
        <select id=Student onchange=go(this)>
            <option value=www.bing.com>Student Details</option>

All suggestions are welcome.

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You don't access the value of the element properly. Use this instead:

function go(x) {
    location = x.options[x.selectedIndex].value;

You also won't get an onchange event for a <select> with only a single option ever.

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thanks you @thiefmaster –  Abel Jojo Jun 26 '12 at 19:23
If this was the answer you needed, please mark it as Accepted! –  Mark Eirich Jun 30 '12 at 13:41

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