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When creating a Linq expression in Nhibernate 3.2, is there way to pass the sysdate as part of the generated sql?

For example, something like this

from c in _session.Query<Question> 
where Question.EDate.Date = sysdate


from c in _session.Query<Question> 
where Question.Edate.Date == trunc(sysdate)

to generate a select statement like:

select * from question where trunc(EDate) == trunc(sysdate)
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Only by extending the LINQ provider (not that difficult):

http://fabiomaulo.blogspot.pt/2010/07/nhibernate-linq-provider-extension.html http://www.primordialcode.com/blog/post/nhibernate-3-extending-linq-provider-fix-notsupportedexception

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