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I would like to write to functional test for one of my rails 3 controllers that asserts that a given cookie gets cleared. I have tried:

test "cookie should be cleared" do
  @request.cookies["foo"] = "bar"
  put :clear_foo
  assert @response.cookies["foo"].nil?

However, this test succeeds even though the controller is a no-op (I have manually confirmed that the cookie persists in my browser when set).

Any ideas?

To clarify, this question is about how to test that a cookie gets cleared, not about how to actually clear it.

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It seems that

assert cookies["foo"].nil?

does the job. See also Chu Yeow's blog post "Some functional testing gotchas in Ruby on Rails".

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In functional tests it works. But in integration tests you will not be able to test cookies set in actions. –  Green Jun 2 '13 at 17:04

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