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I'm updating a hidden field, #start, with two fields: a text field (that is used for time) and a datepicker field. However, when I select a date using datepicker and there is nothing in the time field, the hidden field is not updated. Also when the time field is filled in and I select a date via datepicker, the date is updated with the previous selection rather than the most recently selected date (probably due to the input value being updated). How can I write this function correctly? Thank you!

$("#datepicker").blur(function () {
        var date = $(this).val();
        var time = $('#time').val();
        $("#start").val(date + time.toString(' HH:mm').toString());
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Don't use .blur(), use the datepicker's onSelect event.

jsFiddle example


    onSelect: function(dateText, inst) {
        var date = $(this).val();
        var time = $('#time').val();
        $("#start").val(date + time.toString(' HH:mm').toString());
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You should add 'onSelect' event handler as well as 'blur' one. See example on jsfiddle

$("#datepicker").datepicker({onSelect: populateHidden});

function populateHidden()
        var date = $("#datepicker").val();
        var time = $('#time').val();
        $("#start").val(date + ' ' + time);
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