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I'm having some problems with reading binary data from a .bin file and then writing it to a pdf file. The main goal is to receive some file data over a network, save that data, get the files magic number and then save and open the file with the appropriate program. I have all the data, save them as a binary file and get the right magic number. But when I try to write the binary data to a new pdf file, I can't open the resulting file.

I'm using ifstream/ofstream and opening the files in binary mode. If I do this with a .txt file, it works and I can open the file in the end and everything's fine (I know, there is no magic number involved in .txt files...) Opening the broken pdf with textedit shows that the first few lines of data is written into the file as it should, but after some lines it just stops (but the new pdf has the same size as the original file!)

I hope you understand my problem and might have some hints on what the problem is!

Thank you!


EDIT: Here is some code where the problem basically has to be. I hope, this helps...

        long size;
        char * buffer;

        std::ifstream in(filenames[i].c_str(),std::ios::in | std::ios::binary); //filenames include filename in .bin format
        std::filebuf *pbuf;

        size=pbuf->pubseekoff (0,std::ios::end,std::ios::in);
        pbuf->pubseekpos (0,std::ios::in);

        char magic1[12] = {0};
        in.read(magic1, sizeof(magic1));

        unsigned char magic[12] = {0};
        for (int h = 0; h<sizeof(magic); h++) {
            magic[h] = (unsigned char) magic1[h];

        if ( magic[0] == 0x25 && magic[1] == 0x50 && magic[2] == 0x44 && magic[3] == 0x46 && magic[4] == 0x2d){
            std::string temp = filenamesRaw[i]; 
            std::ofstream myfile( temp.c_str(), std::ios::out | std::ios::binary);
            buffer = new char [size];
            in.seekg(0, std::ios_base::beg);
            pbuf->sgetn (buffer,size);
            delete[] buffer;
            std::string temp2 = "open ";
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You are opening in binary mode, but do you use read()/write() or >>/<<? –  Griwes Jun 26 '12 at 20:48
Well, all we can say is there's a bug somewhere in your code. Since you're not showing the relevant parts... –  Mat Jun 26 '12 at 20:55
Hi roboneko42 and welcome To Stack Overflow! The Stack Overflow Community might be able to help you figure out the problem but is not able to without concrete data and this is not a "write me some code" type of site. Help us help you, by sharing the code you're using right now, possibly some sample data and any possible errors you encounter. Adapt your question to include those and you'll surely get a helpful answer. Thanks for considering. :) –  Harald Brinkhof Jun 26 '12 at 22:43

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