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I'm trying to adopt Hibernate Search into my application, but i'm stuck at limiting the searchresults by a range facet, to limit results based on price ranges.

My code (snippets):

Product.java contains:

    @Field(analyze = Analyze.NO, store = Store.YES, bridge = @FieldBridge(impl = DoubleBridge.class))
private double price = 0.0;

My search handler, building the price facet:

        FacetingRequest priceFacetingRequest = builder.facet()
            .name( "price" )
            .from( 1000.0 ).to( 1499.0 )
            .above( 1500.0 )


And finally, before listing the results, limiting the results via one of the facets:

facetManager.getFacetGroup( "price" ).selectFacets( rangeFacet );

I've tried all rangeFacets possible, but none return any results. Besides the range() facet, i have different text facets which operate the same, but do filter the results normally. Also, the facetManager resports results for the facetRange results, but trying still it results in 0 results when calling fullTextQuery.list().

What am i missing ?

Thanks !

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I ended up writing a FieldBridge which transcribes the double to a string ;

public class CoreDoubleBridge implements FieldBridge

public void set(String s, Object o, Document document, LuceneOptions luceneOptions)
    if (o instanceof Double)
        NumericField field = new NumericField(s, Field.Store.YES, true);

        Field fieldForFacet = new Field(s + ".facet", Double.toString((Double)o), Field.Store.YES, Field.Index.NOT_ANALYZED);


And annotated the price property with:

@Field(analyze = Analyze.NO, store = Store.YES)
@FieldBridge(impl = CoreDoubleBridge.class)
private Double price = 0.0;

I hope this helps some other poor bastard looking for the solution to faceting Double values properly ;)

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