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with help of the Eclipse Plugin MDS 1.1 for PhoneGap on Android i was setting up a new project including Sencha Touch.

Target Android 4.0.3 min SDK 15

Problem is that when i want to call Ext.setup that the function doesnt Exist. I ve included the sencha-touch.js files in the index.html and the css as well.

Help would be appreciated

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It sounds like you may have setup your Sencha project incorrectly at creation. MY recommendation would be to use the Sencha SDK tools to create a new blank project, using this command line:

sencha generate app <name> <location>

Check this page for more info - Sencha Getting Started

If you want to try to fix your current page without recreating, you could use the created one as a sample. Just offhand I know that in your index.html you want to load the microloader script, as opposed to the js libraries themselves.

Hope this helps.

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i figured it out. somehow it didnt work with sencha-touch-debug.js... just got a blank screen. Instead of debug i used sencha-touch-all.js and now the deviceready as well as the launch function of ST2 fire. – Ben Jul 6 '12 at 20:23

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