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I currently have a JSP with a select that looks like this:

<select name="withoutAccess" size="5">

<c:foreach var="item" items="${obj.withoutAccess}">

For the sake of clarity, I'll only post the select list, as the rest works well.

Now, in my form, when I click the submit button, I want to catch all values in the select list in the other page.

I'm only managing to obtain the option that is selected in that list when I press the button.

How can I obtain the rest?

I've tried with request.getParameterValues("withoutAccess"), but it has only 1 option, the one that is selected.

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Only the selected options ever get sent in a form post. If you want to get the entire list of options, you need to look them up again (i.e., from the database), or store them in a persistent storage location such as session or application state.

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But how can I keep saving the changes? –  Wasted Jun 27 '12 at 10:15
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Well, I found one solution.

Create a javascript script that puts all options with selected = true, that way I can catch them in the request :)

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