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I have the following form in a Struts2 JSP that contains some radio buttons. There are 2 other forms on the page that work correctly, but this one doesn't. I have determined that the value selected is somehow not being passed, and that that is the reason I'm getting a NullPointerException, but I can't figure out why it's happening. Can anyone help me? Here is my JSP form.

            <s:form action="ProcessPoll3">
                        <td><b><i>Poll #3</i></b></td>
                        <td>How many kids do you have?</td>
                        <td><s:radio name="poll3"
                            list="#{'1':'0.', '2':'1.', '3':'2.', 
                                    '4':'3.', '5':'More than 3.'}" />
                        <s:submit value="Vote Poll #3" align="left" /></td>

My DAO class gets called with this line (and it is being called, for sure): String poll3; private HttpServletResponse response;

public String getPoll3() {
    return poll3;

public void setPoll2(String poll3) {
    this.poll3 = poll3;

public String execute() {
        Poll3DAO poll3DAO = new Poll3DAO();

        if (poll3DAO.tallyVote(poll3).equals("success")) {
           // Processing goes on here, not relevant to this problem

Here is the method in the DAO class, with the breakdown point marked because the parameter that was supposed to be passed was null.

public String tallyVote(String vote) {
    String successfulWrite;
    request = ServletActionContext.getRequest();
    SessionFactory sessionFactory = (SessionFactory) request.getSession()
    Session session = sessionFactory.openSession();
    try {
        // Get previous results
        Transaction tx1 = session.beginTransaction();
        Query myQuery = session.createQuery("from Poll3");

        // Update results
        Iterator<Poll3> iterate = myQuery.iterate();
        Poll3 poll3 = iterate.next();
        // NullPointerException occurs on next line
        if (vote.equals("1")) {
            poll3.setZero(poll3.getZero() + 1);
        } else if (vote.equals("2")) {
            poll3.setOne(poll3.getOne() + 1);
        } else if (vote.equals("3")) {
            poll3.setTwo(poll3.getTwo() + 1);
        } else if (vote.equals("4")) {
            poll3.setThree(poll3.getThree() + 1);
        } else if (vote.equals("5")) {
            poll3.setMoreThanThree(poll3.getMoreThanThree() + 1);

        // Write new results back to database;
        Transaction tx2 = session.beginTransaction();
        successfulWrite = "success";
    } catch (Exception e) {
        successfulWrite = "failure";

    return successfulWrite;
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I'm betting it's this:

public void setPoll2(String poll3) { ... }

This is why we have map/collection support to avoid writing cut-and-paste blobs like this.

Any time you find yourself cutting and pasting code like in your snippets it's generally because an abstraction has been ignored/overlooked.

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Ah yes, it had to be something right under my nose, something so obvious I couldn't see it. Thank you, Dave. This is exactly what the problem was. Thank you for having better eyes than I do. :-) –  Frank Jun 26 '12 at 21:38
@Frank Easier when you haven't been staring at it ;) –  Dave Newton Jun 26 '12 at 21:43

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