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I'm trying to compare text in an unordered list to an array that I created by grabbing contents in a string then parsing it. I cannot seem to get the comparison part of my jQuery code to work where I check to see if the string lives within the array. Any suggestions?


<span id="Subjects">Commercial Law & Contracts, Immigration Law, International Law & Trade, Products Liability</span>
<ul id="SubjectList">
  <li>Administrative Law</li>
  <li>Agriculture Updates</li>
  <li>Alternative Dispute Resolution</li>
  <li>Antitrust & Trade Regulation</li>
  <li>Commercial Law & Contracts</li>
  <li>Immigration Law</li>
  <li>International Law & Trade</li>
  <li>Products Liability</li>

JQuery Code

var subject_passed = $('#Subjects').text();
var subjectArray = new Array();
subjectArray = subject_passed.split(',');   

$('#SubjectList li').each(function(){  
    if ($.inArray($(this).text(), subjectArray) != -1) {
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The strings in your array have spaces, you may want to trim those away. – Kevin B Jun 26 '12 at 21:48
Or var subjectArray=$('#Subjects').text().split(', '); – Ray Toal Jun 26 '12 at 21:51
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You could try:

var subject_passed = $('#Subjects').text();
//var subjectArray = new Array(); //not really needed as split returns new a array
var subjectArray = subject_passed.split(', '); //add a space to split

$('#SubjectList li').each(function(){  
   if ($.inArray($(this).text(), subjectArray) !== -1) { //better to use !== for comparison
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Oh snap. Thanks! That's exactly what I needed to get it to work. I hate it when I'm so close yet so far. – Anna Jun 26 '12 at 22:02

You should use $.trim() to remove the outer whitespace from the text values after the split and during the comparison:

var subject_passed = $('#Subjects').text();
var subjectArray = subject_passed.split(','); 
$.each(subjectArray, function(i, el){
    subjectArray[i] = $.trim(el);

$('#SubjectList li').each(function(){  
    if ($.inArray($.trim($(this).text()), subjectArray) != -1) {

See demo

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Definitely. I did use trim in my code in the end. Thanks for the help! – Anna Jun 26 '12 at 23:12

Add a space after the comma in the following line...

subjectArray = subject_passed.split(', ');
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