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I need to populate a dropdownlist in ruby on rails with the data in an xml document.

The xml document is formatted like so:

        <CountryName>United States</CountryName>

I then tried to convert to a hash using this code:

<% countries_xml =".../countries.xml") %>
<% countries = Hash.from_xml(countries_xml) %>

And I got a hash like this:

{"Countries"=>{"Country"=>[{"CountryCode"=>"US", "CountryName"=>"United States"}, ... ]}}

And I'm trying to use this hash to populate the dropdownlist but I think I am stuck. I've tried like this:

<% :country, countries["Countries"]["Country"].each %>

But this just fills the dropdownlist with hashes because the countries object is a hash of an array of hashes or something like that. I need it so that the CountryNames are in the dropdownlist and the CountryCodes are sent when the user posts the form.

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Have a look at the documentation for the select form builder method here:

Essentially you need to do this to build the array of options for the select:

countries["Countries"]["Country"].collect { |c| [c['CountryCode'], c['CountryName'] }

Also, you'll probably want to take that xml file read and parsing methods out of the view and pop it into the controller, or even into the model as a class method. It'll help to keep your code more maintainable, but that's just my two cents...

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Thank you very much! It is working perfectly now. – Huub Mons Jun 26 '12 at 23:36

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