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I am new to Tabris and RAP. I am trying out Tabris using demo project downloaded from git repository

Question: Does Tabris or Tabris iOS client support image buttons?

I understand that it is possible to use label and set image to it. Also change label image on mouse down and up to mimic image button. But I found image transition was not smooth (give flicker effect) as a result it doesn't give native effect. May be I am doing something wrong. I am sure there should be solution which I am not aware of. Can you please provide suggestion as how to resolve this. Curious to know if there is any proper way to do image button other than using label.

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Themability of a Button will come at a later point for Tabris. The focus is right now lies on providing the SWT API and now we are working on more abstract navigation support, gestures and sensors (Camera, ...) - Geolocation is already available.

The Button implementation on iOS does not rely on a stretched image like other native iOS App use to do it - Tabris really draws/renders the Buttons. This allows you to fully control the colors on them.

So you are right. Currently only a Label with mouseDown and mouseUp Listeners will provide your requested functionality. But you will always have a small lag with the Label/Listener approach because of the server turnaround. The images will be cached on the client once they were transferred.

I also want to mention that it is already possible to call setImage( image ) on a Button.

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