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It's my script:

import maya.cmds as cmds

def changeLightIntensity(percentage=1.0):
    Changes the intensity of each light the scene by percentage.

        percentage - Percentage to change each light's intensity. Default value is 1.

    #The is command is the list command. It is used to list various nodes
    #in the  current scene. You can also use it to list selected nodes.
    lightInScene = cmds.ls(type='light')

    #If there are no lights in the scene, there is no point running this script
    if not lightInScene:
        raise RunTimeError, 'There are no lights in the scene!'

    #Loop through each light
    for light in lightInScene:
        #The getAttr command is used to get attribute values of a node
        currentIntensity = cmds.getAttr('%s.intensity' % light)
        #Calculate a new intensity
        newIntensity = currentIntensity * percentage
        #Change the lights intensity to the new intensity
        cmds.setAttr('%s.intensity' % light, newIntensity)
        #Report to the user what we just did
        print 'Changed the intensity of light %s from %.3f to %.3f' % (light, currentIntensity, newIntensity)

import samples.lightIntensity as lightIntensity

My error's:

ImportError: No module named samples.lightIntensity

What's the problem? Can I do to this? What's the solution?


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It seems you're following this tutorial. What you've misunderstood is that the last two lines in your code sample are not supposed to be part of the script, but they are meant to run the previous code in the interpreter. If you take another look at the tutorial, you'll see that there's a header above the main code sample saying lightIntensity.py, while the second, smaller code sample is preceded by "To run this script, in the script editor type..."

So, this:

import samples.lightIntensity as lightIntensity

should not be in your file in that form.

There are two things you could do. Both should solve the problem and allow you to run the code, though I would prefer the second for ease of use.

  1. Save the code without the last two lines as lightIntensity.py, and in the python shell, (start python, on the command line, IDLE, whatever you're using), and after the prompt, type import lightIntensity to import your script, and lightIntensity.changelightIntensity(1.2) to call the function in the script.

  2. Alternatively, you can fix the script so that it runs without trying to import itself. To do so, remove the import line and change the last line to changelightIntensity(1.2)

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I missed something again. Because I saved the script as lightIntensity.py then I ran the two lines: import samples.lightIntensity as lightIntensity lightIntensity.changelightIntensity(1.2) And I got the error: ImportError: No module named samples.lightIntensity What went wrong (again) ? –  Oldran Jun 27 '12 at 12:04
Ah, right. Actually, import samples.lightIntensity would only work if lightIntensity.py is in a package called samples. Just do import lightIntensity instead. –  Junuxx Jun 27 '12 at 14:58
Thanks! That's excellent! –  Oldran Jun 27 '12 at 17:49

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