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We have a website site.com and want to give faster access to that site to users from other countries. Idea is to have a hosting in each continent and redirect to that hosting by GeoIP such as: eu.site.com - Europe, us.site.com - North America, au.site.com - Australia, etc. Each of that sites will have exactly the same content and files, so eu.site.com/fr will display exactly the same content as au.site.com/fr

Question is how it will affect Page Ranking and SEO in general.

site.fr, site.au, site.uk - too difficult to manage, so it's not acceptable.

fr.site.com, au.site.com, uk.site.com - the same problem.

Thanks for help.

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This is duplicate content and considered low quality by Google. This is the kind of content the Panda algorithm is weeding out of their search results. What you need to do is pick a primary domain to be shown in Google's search results and then use canonical URLs for the rest of the websites. Then after the visitor has visited that main website you can detect their location and redirect them to their local site.

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Thanks for answer. Please correct me if I'm wrong. All users goes to site.com/page_name, where we generate <link rel="canonical" href="site.com/page_name"; /> then by their IP I redirect them to eu.site.com/page_name or au.site.com/page_name –  plenix Jun 27 '12 at 2:20
Yep, you've got the right idea. –  John Conde Jun 27 '12 at 2:31

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