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This code should display document fields first_name and last_name, instead it generates an "Uncaught Error: Unknown helper 'first_name'" error:

# In Template.
{{#with doc}}
<p>{{first_name}} {{last_name}}</p>

# Template 'doc' property.
_.extend Template.doc,
  doc: -> Docs.findOne {_id: Session.get 'doc_id'}

If I replace #with and findOne() with #each and find() it works fine:

# In Template.
{{#each doc}}
<p>{{first_name}} {{last_name}}</p>

# Template 'doc' property.
_.extend Template.doc,
  doc: -> Docs.find {_id: Session.get 'doc_id'}

This post suggests that #with should work Turn a meteor method returning a single object into a context for handlebar

I'm using Meteor 0.3.7

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doc needs to be a key in the result (pardon my js, I've converted it to coffee I don't know how to directly in coffee that well). It would be better to just use a direct reference though.

Try this (with findOne):

_.extend Template.doc,
doc: ->
doc: Docs.findOne(_id: Session.get("doc_id"))
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