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I have been working on this problem for days, and I cannot work it out.. please help ?

I followed the getting started tutorial on http://docs.sencha.com/touch/2-0/#!/guide/getting_started

I successfully created the GS project .. sencha generate app GS ../GS

Now I am trying to create an .apk file, so I install on my Android handset for testing.

Problem : When I type in the following c:\sencha-touch-2> sencha package build c:\GS\packager.json

Nothing happerns and the cursor just goes to the command prompt

Below is my packager.json file.

If anybody had any ideas or can help , I would really appreciate it

    "sdkPath":"c:\Program Files\Android\android-sdk",
    "orientations": [
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Hi, because there is no output from the command, giving a solution is a bit tricky. Can you try to add more debugging by adding --debug to your build command? One possible problem could be the space in 'Program files'. Maybe you can try to put the sdk in a directory without spaces in it eg C:\utils\sencha-touch (working on mac myself, so I cannot test this) –  Rob Jan 10 '13 at 10:13

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Try running "sencha package build packager.json" in c:\GS

if this doesn't work:

  • do you habe the latest Sencha-Cmd installed?
  • What sencha touch are you using 2.0.1? (I didn't find any info on android packaging for 2.1.1)
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To build a sencha touch application, make sure you update your packager.json file in the sencha touch project with the following attributes:

  • "applicationId":"com.test.projectname",(package format to be followed here)

  • "platform":"Android", ( if you are building for android device)

  • "platform":"AndroidEmulator", ( if you are building for android emulator)

  • "certificatePath":"../", (path to your certificate - can use the key which is used to sign android application)

  • "certificatePassword":"**", (password to your key)

  • "sdkPath":"../../../../../../android-sdk_r16-windows/android-sdk-windows", (path to android sdk if you are building for android)

  • Ensure that you are giving a relative path from the packager.json folder unlike in the question where the physical location to the sdk and key is provided

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